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Our Auto Repair Services in McConnelsville, OH


If you're in search of an auto expert you can trust to treat your car with care, turn to RevAuto for all your maintenance needs. From oil changes and tire rotations to tune-ups and inspections, our auto repair shop in Granville, OH, is here to provide the essential services you need to travel safely on the road. For a superior driving experience and peace of mind, we've got you covered.


The radiator helps to eliminate excess heat from the engine and is a key component of its cooling system. If you suspect an issue with your radiator, it's important to have an expert such as RevAuto take a look as soon as possible! Our technicians can easily address common problems such as leaks, rust, obstructions, and fan malfunctions and will save you money on more extensive repairs down the line.


If you desire a smoother, more comfortable ride, your car's suspension system is the first place to start. The suspension system is designed to absorb shock so that you don't feel every bump on the surface of the road. If you suspect something is wrong with your springs, shocks, struts, or tires, bring it to our suspension repair experts for a closer look. We'll help you get back on the road smoothly and safely.


There's nothing worse than sitting in the sweltering heat of your car without working A/C. If your vents are blowing out hot air or aren't cooling down to your desired temperature, RevAuto is here to help. Whether your system needs a simple recharge, better refrigerant, or a more extensive repair, our team will get to the root of your A/C problems to help you keep your cool.


If your brakes aren't working as they should, bring your vehicle to the trusted team at RevAuto. Our technicians can efficiently repair or replace your compromised braking systems and ensure your car is back in working order. These issues can often be detrimental to the safety of yourself and other drivers, so to get back on the road with brakes you can rely on, contact RevAuto today.


Whether you'd like a little extra pep in your engine, plan on getting tires that tread the road more smoothly, or want to install a cold air intake kit, RevAuto offers performance upgrades on any make and model. We'll treat your car as if it were our own and give you the boost you need for a smoother driving experience. Get in touch with our shop today for superior performance upgrades in Granville, OH.

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4.5 stars | 16 reviews
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